Kittymeow Creations

Turning your event into a memorable celebration one brush stroke at a time

Is the paint safe?

I use only professional face paints, which are safe, non-toxic and FDA approved. The paint is easily removed with warm water or even a baby wipe. 

What are your prices?

I charge depending on how many children are attending the event and by the location of the event. I do have an estimate list on my "Rates" page. 

When do I pay?

You can pay before the event or the day of the event.

Do you accept credit cards?

I can accept credit cards.  Of course, cash is always best.  If you pay by credit card, payment must be made before the party day.

Am I expected to tip you? 

Tips are appreciated and accepted, but never expected.

Do you paint just the children at parties, or do you also paint the adults?

I paint adults all the time at parties! My face painting appeals to all ages. Some clients have me paint everyone, some have me just paint the children. It just depends on what you prefer. The more people, the more time it will take so children always go first.  I always discuss this issue ahead of time with my clients.

What ages do you paint?

I paint children of all ages. However, I usually can only do a limited range of simple designs on infants. Usually cheek art is the only option for toddlers, but I have done full face designs on some. It all depends on the child. Most children 3 & up have no problem sitting still.  

How far in advance do I need to book you? 

Book us as early as possible to ensure someone else doesn’t take your day.  There is just no way to predict how early any particular day will get booked.  I suggest booking your party at least 4 weeks in advance. 

How far into the party should I have you begin?  

It is really up to you. I suggest at least half an hour into the party to make sure all the guests are there. 

Do I need to provide anything for you like a table and chairs?  

I have my own supplies and do not require any additional tables or chairs.